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VM Music Instruments
New No:16 Old No:9
1st Floor, MG Road,
Adyar, Chennai-20
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone : 044-45006009
Mobile: 9940556519

VM Music Rehearsal Studio / Music Practice Room Rental

Our Mission

At the VM Music Rehearsal Studio we understand that when you’re looking for a studio or rehearsal facility, you aren’t just renting space, you’re investing in your career. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide you with the best facilities, tools, and information you need to achieve your goals. If you are serious about your music, you won’t find a better environment to interact and create than the VM Music Rehearsal Studio / VM Music Practice Room.

Hourly Practice Studios


The hourly based practice studio available at VM Music Rehearsal Studio in Chennai  we have the best place for perfect and combatable Practice / Rehearsal space ! Our room is custom tuned and features a full backline complete with PA, mics, cables, and on additional charges you can get guitar amps, bass rig, keyboards, DJ gear and drum kit. Rehearsal Studio feature Semi Acoustic rooms with powered speakers, microphones, with analog mixers and we also have a recording facility on additional charges so you can even record you practice set live..

Contact us for more details. 9940556519

NOTE: Some gear, like a certain model of guitar amp, is not guaranteed to be in the exact hourly room as seen above You can request for specific equipment when booking your rehearsal and we will do our best to accommodate your request, but all gear requests are met on a first come, first serve basis. 

All of the hourly practice studios include:

Rates starting at Rs.500/-Per Hour Session with A/C Semi Acoustic Rooms Setup – Student Discounted Rates Available on additional hours!

On Additional Charges Pro Equipment Available: 2 Quest preamp Speakers,  Stage Custom kits, Chancellor 5pcs Professional Drum Kit, Yamaha 12 Channel Analog Mixer with Effect, Shure sm58  / sm 57 Microphones, Audio Technica Microphones (guitars, basses, keyboards, and others) 1/4″ & XLR cables in every room & more Custom acoustic treatment.. Also we have Live Recording for you rehearsal setup on pre-booking. Instruments rental Available to use only in our Rehearsal studio. Get Ready to get started Booking your rehearsal studio?  Call for more details..

Rehearsal Studio Recording Setup

VM Music Rehearsal Studio also have facility to record your practise session like in a professional studies so you can fine tune your set even after your rehearsal is done.  Our Rehearsal Studio Recording Setup will have all what you to record your practise set like DAW Recording software, M Audio Midi / USB Keyboard, focusrite 10/10 high quality studio Interface, AKG Condenser Microphone, Sony V6 monitor Headphones, Wireless Keyboard, Professional Pioneer DJ (disc Jockey) setup and more...

In need of a more stable, long-term solution? Our monthly studios / Package offer a variety of solutions for every musician.

Contact us for more details

Practice / Rehearsal Studio Room Acoustic Treated A/C Room in Adyar Chennai

Suitable for Singer Musician Practise Sessions,

Collage & School event band Practices, Corporate Events.. 

Hourly Rental Rates..

Air Conditioned

Music instruments Available (at Extra Cost)

Non Smoking Area

Acoustic Treated Room

Suitable for 6ps Bands Only

Advance Booking Only..

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