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Music Instruments in Chennai
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Shruti Box

1. Karaoke Mic Equipments        2. Shruti Box        3. Headphones        4. Instrument Strings    


5. Instrument Stands        6.Pitch Tuners        7. Musical Instrument Covers


8. Power Adapters        9. Musical Instrument Cables        10. Guitar Accessories        


11. Guitar Fretboard Note Stickers        12. Piano Keyboard Stickers

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Books and CD's
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VM Music Instruments
New No:16 Old No:9
1st Floor, MG Road,
Adyar, Chennai-20
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone : 044-45006009
Mobile: 9940556519
Eswar Electronic
Radel Shruti Box Electronic
Swar Sudha Shruti Box
Radel Maestro DX
Radel Magic Plus
Radel Milan (Tabla and Tanpura)
Radel Miraj Plus
Radel Ranjani Plus 5
Radel Sparshini DX (touch type)
Radel Swaravali (Self Tutor) ZX
Radel Taalmala Dig 60
Radel Taalmala Dig 108
Radel Talometer ZX
Radel ZX Nono
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